Northern Healthy Homes Inc - Registered and Nationally Certified Home Inspector servicing Greater Sudbury and area.

Northern Healthy Homes Inc - Registered and Nationally Certified Home Inspector servicing Greater Sudbury and area.

Mold Inspection Services

Household Mould is a serious health threat to everyone, especially to the young, elderly or anyone with a suppressed immune system. Do you know if the home you're looking at has ever had a water leak? Do you suspect that you have a mould problem? At Northern Healthy Homes we know that air quality is incredibly important to you and your family's health. 

Northern Healthy Homes basement Mold Inspection

As a Registered Respiratory Therapist, Dave Leebody understands the severity of respiratory disorders and knows how important indoor air quality studies really are. A proper mould inspection is the first step! Mould inspection can accurately find your mould growth problem without tearing apart your home.

"Dave Leebody did a house inspection and inside/outside testing for mould. He was very thorough, as  his written summary reporting to me showed. Best of all is that Dave was quite available for conversation about it. Living in this area of Ontario, Dave has insights that I believe only would be from the point of view and experience from someone who lives here himself.The price that was charged for the services I received was very fair. Having a contractor review this report, in respect for repair estimates, it was again commented on the detail and depth of it. I would without hesitation highly recommend Dave to any of my friends and family." - Alice, Northern Ontario resident. 

Northern Healthy Homes inspection includes examination and testing for:

  • Mould observation.
  • Allergen assessment.
  • Indoor air quality evaluation.

Water in homes creates mold leading to wood decay and eventual structural failure. A visual investigation for mould and water is extremely important during a Home Inspection.

At Northern Healthy Homes, we incorporate the use of a Thermal Imaging Camera and a Moisture Meter to find out if there are hidden water and mould issues.

Northern Healthy Homes founder David Leebody is a certified Home Inspector and has worked in the industrial sector and medical field since 1978 as a Civil Engineering Technologist and since 1987 as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Important qualifications for someone inspecting your home for Mould, Allergens and evaluating the Indoor Air Quality of your purchase.

For an experienced Home Inspection with your needs in mind, call Dave Leebody of Northern Healthy Homes today at (705) 698 6498 or Toll Free 1-877-722-0344.