Radon Gas Testing

Radon gas exposureis the leading cause of cancer for non smokers in Canada. According to the Canadian Cancer Society, approximately 16% of lung cancer deaths in Canada relate to exposer to radon in the home. The odds increase from 1:20 people to a 1:3 among people who smoke.

Testing for Radon Gas Exposure

Radon gas is colourless, odourless and tasteless so it cannot be detected without specialized equipment. Radon testing is the only real way to detect the presence of radon in your home.

Radon collects in enclosed spaces such as a basement, and can accumulate in more concentrated amounts especially in the winter months when we keep windows closed and air circulates through the home less. Unfortunately, radon gas is also common in our local environment.

Radon is released slowly from the ground, water, and even some building materials which might contain very small amounts of uranium. Building materials like concrete, bricks, tiles and gyproc.

For more information visit Health Canada's Guide for Radon Measurements in Residential Dwelling and Guide for Radon Measurements in Public Buildings.

Dave Leebody of Northern Healthy Homes is a certified member of the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Professional association (C-NRPP), and is qualified to conduct radon measurements as per official Health Canada Guidelines. 

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