Northern Healthy Homes Inc - Registered and Nationally Certified Home Inspector servicing Greater Sudbury and area.

Northern Healthy Homes Inc - Registered and Nationally Certified Home Inspector servicing Greater Sudbury and area.

Selling Your Pre-Inspected Home Yourself 

FSBO is a new term gaining popularity in the real estate industry. It means For Sale By Owner. Many people are choosing to sell their homes on their own, and keeping more money in their own pocket meaning that real estate agents may become a thing of the past. 

Northern Healthy Homes For Sales By Owner

The Canadian Real Estate Association and CTV Consumer Reports estimate that 20% to 25% of homes are being sold without the assistance of a real estate broker.

The cost associated with dealing with a realtor is very high. Most brokers charge 5% commission plus taxes for their services. This is a significant cost considering an average house sale price of $250,000 can reduce the amount the seller receives. ($250,000 x 5% = $12,500 x 13% HST = $14,125.00)

These costs are apparently necessary for the realtor to cover the expenses of both listing and selling your home, and to pay off their designated brokerage. It's little wonder that so many people want to be real estate agents.

New home buyers commonly search the internet looking for homes. and are very common online destinations. (the MLS system in Canada) is now open to home owners to list properties on this very popular website. Private sellers can now list their property themselves at minimal costs through the advice of Northern Healthy Homes and avoid the high costs associated with a listing realtor.

We want to be clear, Northern Healthy Homes is not a Real Estate Broker and we certainly do not want to be involved in the home sales process. Experience tells us that lawyers are the best people to handle any sale agreements.  Our job is to inspect homes and then offer advice to sellers on what they might consider repairing, replacing or adding to their home prior to selling. Most buyers understand that there really is no such thing as a perfect home, and with a pre home inspection this can increase the home owner’s chances of successfully selling their home dramatically especially if the home is examined for Indoor Air Quality issues.

Northern Healthy Homes can show you several options to help sell your home yourself for considerably less money than the cost associated with using the services of a real estate agent. Your home can still be sold through a buyer real estate sales representative if you choose to allow this activity, but at least you are in control of what you need to pay the buyer representative.

Mould Testing and Radon Testing can also be included with a Pre-Delivery Home Inspection. Selling a healthy pre- inspected home is a very powerful tool considering the difficulty sellers have finding new home buyers in search of a good home with a healthy environment.

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