Northern Healthy Homes Inc - Registered and Nationally Certified Home Inspector servicing Greater Sudbury and area.

Northern Healthy Homes Inc - Registered and Nationally Certified Home Inspector servicing Greater Sudbury and area.

Pre-Inspect Before You Sell Your Home

Showing that your property is radon gas and mould free, and that if problems have been found they have also been repaired properly will help you sell your home. It shows potential buyers that they are investing in a safe and healthy home for their family.

northern healthy homes pre-sales home inspection

More and more, people are choosing to sell their home themselves. At Northern Healthy Homes we understand the challenges people face when trying to assess the value of their home. You want to know what is going on behind the walls so that you can get the best price possible.

A pre-sales home inspection helps increase confidence by ensuring that there are fewer surprises in a real estate transaction. It also makes sure that everyone involved is more familiar with the property’s current condition. When a professional home inspection report is provided by the seller you create an atmosphere of good faith. When you know what's going on you're able to make repairs and disclose the property’s condition up front, before negotiations begin. This creates a more relaxed selling atmosphere, instills confidence in the home's condition and can help sell your home faster and closer to your asking price.

"Mr. Dave Leebody has inspected 2 apartment buildings for my business partner and for me. We are very happy with his superb professional service. The inspection reports covered all aspects of the properties - roof, walls, plumbing, foundation, structure, insulation, floors, heating, attic, ventilation, air quality, porches, decks, stairs, landscaping, electrical, etc. Mr. Leebody's reports have helped us not only plan and budget for the repairs needed in the future, but also negotiate a purchase price according to the properties' current condition and expected repairs. We will gladly continue working with Mr. Leebody using his great service in the future as we grow our real estate business and consider purchasing properties in the area." - Nir, Toronto

Pre-Sale Home Inspection: Your home should be inspected prior to selling. It's been estimated that approximately 85% of buyers will retain the service of a home inspector. Why not be one step ahead? Pre-inspection services allow you, the seller to make any necessary adjustments and repairs prior to the sale.

Appraisal: A proper appraisal by a qualified appraiser is very important. Your home should be listed on the Real Estate Multi Listing Service (MLS). We can help you have your home listed on this important service.

Dave Leebody of Northern Healthy Homes will not sell your home, but he can certainly help you organize your home for a faster and more effective sale.

Northern Healthy Homes founder David Leebody is a certified Home Inspector and has worked in the industrial sector and medical field since 1978 as a Civil Engineering Technologist and since 1987 as a Registered Respiratory Therapist. Important qualifications for someone inspecting your home for Mould, Allergens and evaluating the Indoor Air Quality of your purchase.

For an experienced Home Inspection with your needs in mind, call Dave Leebody of Northern Healthy Homes today at (705) 698 6498 or Toll Free 1-877-722-0344.